What She Meant To Me

She was to me what the sun is to bright fields of sunflowers

What the moon is to the moody, crashing waves

What a drop of water is to a parched, dry desert

I do not have the words or the ability to describe

What she meant to me


Just the way the sky lights up on the night of winter celebrations

The way the brown shades in the mud are introduced to the rainbow in spring

She made me feel like a blank canvas brought to life

I bathed in the iridescent and ever bright rainbow of her speech

She was the vibrant dance of colours in my monochrome existence


It would be long before I could fully comprehend

What she meant to me

For now I bask in the glow of what she calls Hello

I stare at her from a distance and sigh, remembering the colour wheel

Bright colours could never mix with black




Different And Unique

She tried colouring her hair red and then she tried blue

All she ever wanted was to be unique

She had been hearing it everywhere and wanted to rebel

“I want to be unique and be different, not simply pretty”

She would paint and write poetry

She would develop her own style of dressing

Slowly she began seeing two other girls wearing chokers with their uniforms

Then it became four and six, the trend swept up the school

She wanted to be unique and different

One day she realised she was really unique and different

Just like all the others girls were



Why College Festivals Matter

When a young 17 to 18 year old nervous, excited and frankly terrified BMM (Mass Media) student started college a little bit late, she didn’t know her classmates very well and groups had already started to form. Three days into my college experience, seniors started coming in and asking the freshers to audition for various events like drama, fashion show, etc. I went and tried to audition for fashion show and drama but soon enough crippling anxiety and horror took over and I pretty much bolted fearing any outcome.

A few days after my first attempt  the two friends that I made, khushboo and Pragati, started recounting their after college festival adventures to me and honestly I was feeling very left out. That day I decided two’s better than one and followed my friend to the college festival practice area (that’s the stilt area). The very first day I painted purple hands made of thermacol and realised how fun it was. Soon I started going everyday and I was recruited into the Music Video Team. Here I became close with the two seniors, Shamik and Krishna, who made me feel like I was contributing a lot and giving great ideas where actually I was probably goofing off and not at all helping.

Now getting back to the title, college festivals are the way to help people express themselves and help make new friends. If I hadn’t done any college festivals I wouldn’t know any of my wonderful seniors or even most of my classmates. I’d say college festivals are way more important than the irrelevant projects we sometimes get in college. Writing 14 large question answers that I forgot as soon as I wrote them? History I’m looking at you.

In some kind of conclusion I’d like to thank my seniors for being so welcoming of freshers into their groups and not treating us like ‘just FYs’. College festivals are amazing everyone must go participate, okay? Thank you for reading!


Welcoming 2017

Hello there, 2017, the successor of the past blunder that was 2016. I’m sure you must have heard a lot of hate thrown toward 2016, and I do mean A LOT. I would like for you to know that despite the bad press that it receives, 2016 was filled with moments of joy. Like every year there were bad as well as good moments, even though the bad may have over shadowed the good this time.

2016 was the year we got Pokemon Go. The immensely popular game with the shelf life of about two months. The minute the game was released it took the world by a storm and reminded countless people of the childhoods they spent in front of the glow of their Nintendos playing Pokemon. It helped people with mental health problems to get out of their homes to play, it brought people together who shared a common goal, catching small digital creatures on their phone screens.

In pop culture, 2016 was probably the best year for Leonardo Di Caprio. He FINALLY won a most well deserved Oscar. I can’t forget to mention that 2016 was the year a new Harry Potter movie franchise was introduced. Huge shout out to Eddie Redmayne for bringing the character of Newt Scamander to life.

We can also agree that 2016 gave us many memes that we wasted our time on. Speaking for myself, I bottle flipped so much this year! A casual pass time that turned into a harsh and dramatic competition between my friends and I countless times. This was also the year of Harambe, he will be missed!

These were just a few of the heartwarming things I could point out but of course, on a more individual level, people celebrated birthdays, weddings, festivals and brought joy to the year that was obsessed with the most toxic race for U.S presidency yet.

In conclusion, 2017, whatever you have in store for us people will almost definitely give you joy and support. We have learned a lot from the tragedies and mishaps of the past year and are ready to take on whatever you toss onto our weary shoulders. We welcome you with a warm smile and cautious air of self defence. 2017, here we hand to you our lives for the next 365 days and only hope for the best.


It was just you and me
Forever and ever
Just like we had always wished

It was you, me and no one else
Our days grew longer and longer
The monotony of it
Slowly crept up on us

It was just you and me
Until I went and changed it
I was at peace at last
Now, what should I do with the body?

False Comfort

False Comfort

The most beautiful time of the day

A lilac sky, complete with a hint of moonlight

It comforted me as I watched the sky fade

From the bright evening to the dark and moody night

I thought about everything as I looked onto the transition

Everything came crashing onto me at once, as it always does

I shrugged it off

Watched as the sky comforted me with its pastel tones

I lost myself somewhere in that dance of swirling clouds and faint indication of stars

And I dumped my worries for another fateful day



​My world of grey darkness all shifted

When our hands met 

In an ever so ordinary

Extraordinary moment
I could suddenly see the new world around me

All these colours anew

In my world of grey darkness
A rose is really red as they say

The sky was not blue

The sun had flooded it with its warm orange and pink light

And my hands, they had a tinge of brown
I looked at you amazed

I wondered why were you not sharing this moment with me

You looked at me so confused and then I realised

You didn’t see it too

Before I Go

​I want to memorise every crease and curve on your face

I want to burn the images of your hand in mine into my mind

I don’t want to forget you 

Before I go today
I want to remind you to do the little things

I want to say ‘I love you’ to you in the mornings

I don’t want you to forget the things I said

Before I go today
I want to be in your thoughts 

But I don’t want you to cry

I want to be the breeze you feel thankful for

I want you to feel me deep within your veins
I want you to memorise every crease and curve on my face

I want you to remember how my hair smelt and how I laughed

But I don’t want to burden you with my memory

Before I go today


Teenagers, we were often mistaken

Never heard, only talked about

It was never her problem 

It was the people around her

It was never me

But I couldn’t say for sure

We were soon separated 

As you had once predicted

A black cloud stayed with me after that

Taking away ounce after ounce 

From the person I used to be

It would be after years that I would see you again

Hand in hand with another woman

Then we would share an all knowing glance 

I’d look at you with warm eyes congratulating you and your partner 

You’d look back at me pitifully 

As I would look over at my husband and walk away.